Tag: fabrication

Weather Bracelet and Measuring Cup: Case studies in data sculpture

Practice-led research in data sculpture and tangible visualisation.


Writing · May 2012

Local Colour and Networked Specificity

Investigating digital materiality using generative fabrication and cardboard vegetable boxes. A paper presented at ISEA 2011


Writing · August 2011

Local Colour

A generative fabrication project in recycled laser-cut cardboard.

Projects · June 2011

Networked Production: On Making with Bits and Atoms

A short essay on craft, making and digital fabrication for Craft Australia's eNews 54

Writing · August 2010

Measuring Cup

Representing long time-series of climate data in small, tangible forms.

Projects · June 2010

Limits to Growth (Exurbs)

Self-constraining growth forms robot-plotted onto paper islands.

Projects · October 2009

Weather Bracelet

A wearable dataform made from 365 days of Canberra weather

Projects · September 2009