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Australasian data practices: Mining, scraping, mapping, hacking

in Artlink 37:1, Data Visual. A look at data practice in Australia and New Zealand through the work of four prominent creators spanning visualisation, cartography and digital heritage.

Writing · November 2017

Local Kin

A visual explorer for biodiversity data


Projects · December 2016


A multilayered portrait of the Murrumbidgee river system, made out of data


Projects · March 2016

Asia Art Archive Bibliography Interfaces

Generous interfaces for the Asia Art Archive's online bibliography of Indian art


Projects · December 2015

Representing Digital Collections

in Performing Digital: Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive, ed. David Carlin and Laurene Vaughan (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2015)


Writing · May 2015

The Institutional Harvest

Visualising the history of women's services and agencies in Australia, 1970-2011


Projects · December 2013

Weather Bracelet and Measuring Cup: Case studies in data sculpture

Practice-led research in data sculpture and tangible visualisation.


Writing · May 2012

Playing with Complexity: An Approach to Exploratory Data Visualisation

with Ben Ennis Butler and Sam Hinton, presented at ACUADS 2011


Writing · September 2011

Exploring the Digital Commons: An Approach to the Visualisation of Large Heritage Datasets

with Sam Hinton; presented at EVA 2010


Writing · July 2010

Measuring Cup

Representing long time-series of climate data in small, tangible forms.

Projects · June 2010

Visualising Archival Collections: The Visible Archive Project

in Archives and Manuscripts 37


Writing · October 2009

Weather Bracelet

A wearable dataform made from 365 days of Canberra weather

Projects · September 2009

The Visible Archive

A research project on the visualisation of archival collections, supported by the National Archives of Australia.

Projects · July 2009

Watching the Street

Slit-scanning the streetscape, revealing patterns of change and stasis in human and environmental activity.

Projects · November 2008

Watching the Sky

Visualising change in the environment, using long image time-series.

Projects · July 2008

Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice

in Fibreculture 11


Writing · February 2008