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TroveMosaic is an experimental interface for the Trove picture search. Enter a query, and it will build a mosaic from the top 500 records. Group the results by title, collection or decade for different views, and click an image to see it in its home collection.

This project is the work of Mitchell Whitelaw, part of an ongoing project creating generous interfaces for digital cultural collections. Along with the Manly Images interface, TroveMosaic was funded by the State Library of New South Wales.

TroveMosaic requires a modern, standards-compliant browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It is designed for desktop browsers and probably won't work perfectly on mobile or tablet devices (yet).

TroveMosaic is an experiment, and we would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch with Mitchell on Twitter or by email.

Source code for this project will be available soon (just tidying up!)