Accretor: Generative materiality in the work of Driessens and Verstappen

in Artificial Life 21 (3): 307–312 (Summer 2015)


Writing · August 2015

Generous Interfaces for Digital Cultural Collections

in Digital Humanities Quarterly 9(1) (2015). This paper updates and expands my previous writing on generous interfaces


Writing · July 2015

Representing Digital Collections

in Performing Digital: Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive, ed. David Carlin and Laurene Vaughan (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2015)


Writing · May 2015

Sheer Hardware: Material Computing in the Work of Martin Howse and Ralf Baecker

In Scan 10(2) (2013), "The In/Visibilities of Code"


Writing · December 2013

Towards Generous Interfaces for Archival Collections

This paper makes the case for the limitations of search, and proposes instead the concept of “generous interfaces” for digital collections


Writing · October 2013

Figuring Data

A catalog essay commissioned for Datascape, an exhibition at QUT's Cube Gallery, April 2013.


Writing · June 2013

Ten Questions Concerning Generative Computer Art

with Jon McCormack, Ollie Bown, Alan Dorin and Jonathan McCabe; in Leonardo 47(2) (2014)


Writing · March 2013

Transmateriality: Presence Aesthetics and the Media Arts

in Throughout, ed Ulrik Ekman, MIT Press 2012


Writing · December 2012

A Framework for Understanding Generative Art

with Alan Dorin, Jonathan McCabe, Jon McCormack and Gordon Monro; in Digital Creativity 23 (2012).

Writing · November 2012

Playing with Complexity: An Approach to Exploratory Data Visualisation

with Ben Ennis Butler and Sam Hinton, presented at ACUADS 2011


Writing · September 2011

Local Colour and Networked Specificity

Investigating digital materiality using generative fabrication and cardboard vegetable boxes. A paper presented at ISEA 2011


Writing · August 2011

After the Screen: Array Aesthetics and Transmateriality

Presented at the Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference, Artspace, November 2010

Writing · March 2011

Networked Production: On Making with Bits and Atoms

A short essay on craft, making and digital fabrication for Craft Australia's eNews 54

Writing · August 2010

Exploring the Digital Commons: An Approach to the Visualisation of Large Heritage Datasets

with Sam Hinton; presented at EVA 2010


Writing · July 2010

Visualising Archival Collections: The Visible Archive Project

in Archives and Manuscripts 37


Writing · October 2009

Right Here, Right Now: On HC Gilje’s Networks of Specificity

A catalogue essay on the work of HC Gilje, commissioned for his 2009 solo exhibition Blink at the Hordaland Art Centre


Writing · October 2009

Landscape, Slow Data and Self-Revelation

An invited contribution to Kerb 17: Is Landscape Architecture Dead?


Writing · May 2009

Strange Ontologies in Digital Culture

With Mark Guglielmetti and Troy Innocent, in ACM Computers in Entertainment 7


Writing · February 2009

Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice

in Fibreculture 11


Writing · February 2008

Playing Games with Reality: Only Fish Shall Visit and Interactive Documentary

Catalog essay for Brogan Bunt's Halfeti: Only Fish Shall Visit (2002)


Writing · December 2002